Boat Share

What if you decided that owning a boat outright might be a little daunting, or that the boat of your dreams is above your price range?

Nautilus Club Syndicate

Boat-share is a great way to experience yacht ownership while minimising the cost and upkeep associated with it.

Many people justly worry that sharing ownership with others will be a nightmare. What if they were less experienced, or less tidy? What if they wanted to use it just when you want it too? This is why, if you are considering selling shares of your boat or buying into it, it is a good idea to consider getting an agency specialised to handle the management issues for you, to give you more care-free time to enjoy your boat in the best way possible.

Nautilus Yacht Management, unlike other boat-share companies, does not own any part of your boat but is only acting on a counselling and management level. The boat is registered with NSW Maritime Authorities under the names of her owners, insured as such, and a fee is paid to Nautilus Yacht Management to take care of the logistics. You do not have to commit to a long term plan with us. If you find that you and your co-owners can take care of everything yourselves then you can just sign off our management contract. Easy.