The Rock-Star Service List

Too many people complain that the fun part of spending time on their boat is sandwiched between too many not-very-fun and time-consuming chores, such as packing, shopping, carrying, stowing away, organising, fuelling, watering, cleaning, repacking, etc, etc,

Nautilus Yacht Management can take care of some of these for you, and go the extra mile to truly make you feel like a rock-star.

  1. •Cleaning and detailing (Inside and/or outside)
  2. •Pre-cruise fuel and water top-up
  3. •Ice and bait delivered to your boat
  4. •Provisioning (we can pick up your groceries and stock them on your boat prior to your arrival or deliver them to you at your mooring)
  5. •Valet service
  6. •Catering (see catering service page)
  7. •Skipper or crew hire (see ‘Skipper and Crew’ service page)
  8. •Yacht delivery (you may wish to have your boat delivered to Sydney Harbour for the weekend for example, but don’t have time to do it yourself. See ‘Skipper and Crew” service page)
  9. •Massage therapist delivered to your boat (minimum of 2 weeks booking in advance. Massage therapist is a fully qualified therapist specialised in outcalls to yachts.)
  10. •Linen service (Towels and bed-linen only. Picked up from your boat post-cruise and delivered back to your boat prior to your next cruise)


Wether you have a 200 foot super-yacht or a little runabout you may have some days when you wish you could feel more special.

Anyone who has had anything to do with boats will agree that there is a very large number of men out there wishing their wife enjoyed boating as much as they did. 

To these men, here is the opportunity to make your wife or girlfriend feel really special. Let us take care of all the hard work she probably does to make your boating weekend happen, and even if she DOES enjoy all these chores, it will still give you more time to enjoy your boat together.

Please note:

All services are priced according to individual quotes. Nautilus Yacht Management reserves the right to decline providing a service in certain situations. Please contact us on or call one of our friendly staff at 02 9974 4096