Nautilus Yacht Management offers a range of courses and workshops designed to help you gain confidence and knowledge of your boat.

Gain confidence

Nautilus Yacht Management provides aspiring and developing sailors with the unique option to pick and chose the areas of yachting and boat ownership they would like to understand and learn these on their own yacht.

Wether you have an easy to reverse modern yacht or a long keel traditional boat, whether or not you have a twin-screw engine or a bow-thruster, this course will help you become confident and calm…More
For those who have never sailed before, or who want to make sure they are doing things right. Here is your chance to ask all the questions you never dared to ask, to fully understand each…More
For those who have already covered the topics taught in Sailing Intro and want to push things a little further. The following course is a set of 3 X 3 hours lessons. Each of these skills take a great…More

Safe Anchoring

Anchoring can be a daunting prospect. Who hasn’t experienced the trepidations of arriving in an anchorage late at night only to find that all the moorings are occupied? Or spent a sleepless…More
No boat owner can feel completely safe without knowing a little bit about their engine.
Diesel engines look complicated, but in fact they are fairly simple to understand and look after…More
Wether you have a sailing boat, or a power boat, you may love to learn the ancient art of rope-work.
Learning what knot does what, or how to splice your own mooring lines is a skill that will…More
If you have outgrown your sailing grounds and want to start widening your horizons this course is for you. The course is planned in two levels, Level one takes you down to Sydney Harbour to find…More