Our Team

Nautilus Yacht Management is not just a business. It is a hub, a platform, an association of people of very different but complimentary skills, all satellites of their passion for the sea.

‘Nautilus’ brings these people together, and then brings them to you, to answer all your questions, guide you when you need it, help you push your limits, make your life simpler.


Anna Manach – CEO/Director

Anna has spent the greatest part of her life on the water. She arrived in Australia at 21 after spending a few years sailing and working on dive boats around the world. At 22, she purchased her first yacht, a 43 foot ketch that she sailed extensively for many years. In 2003 Anna began her career as a yacht broker, interrupting herself for a few years to start a shipwright apprenticeship. After an accident that saw Anna unable to continue working as a shipwright she decided to complete a degree in business. Anna had always felt that the marine industry, especially the larger yacht brokerage, lacked warmth, people-skills and approachability. “I was told off quite a few times while working with big importers at boat shows…for spending too much time with what my colleagues referred to, with much contempt, as ‘dreamers’. For me the sea, boats, sailing is a passion. To reduce this passion to mere merchandising made me feel totally dispirited. Which is why I veered-off to the workbench instead.”

But the time has come now for Anna to bring all of her skills and experience together. ‘Working as a shipwright I learnt the pleasure of feeling proud of my work. I want Nautilus Yacht Management to bring me that same feeling. I want our customers have the best experience possible in choosing, buying and owning their own boat. Be that obtaining the assistance they need to look after it, or simply having a place to meet, learn, and share their stories, ask questions, inspire others, etc. I get such a kick at seeing others enjoy the same exultant feeling as I do each time I set out on my boat, whether it is to just for a twilight race, or to sail through the heads towards distant shores.’


Brian Caldwell – The Delivery Skipper

If Nautilus Yacht Management was inclined to a bit of a show off then we would certainly have plenty to prance about being able to list Brian Caldwell as a delivery skipper for those who  really want nothing but the best. Brian has his own delivery company BJ Caldwell Yacht Delivery Service and we are very proud of the association. Here is a bit about BJ:

Youngest Solo Circumnavigator, 4 X Sydney Hobart Race, 3 X Mini Fastnet Race, 2 X TransPac Race, Cape Town – Rio de Janero Race, 40-transPacific yacht deliveries, delivery crew for Bruno Peyron’s “Commodore Explorer” & “Orange 2”. As well as over a hundred other international deliveries. You can contact BJ via email


Gillian Nathan – Sailing/Racing Instructor

Gillian has been involved with racing from a very young age and has competed at a National level in Australia on Sydney 38s, Farr 40’s, TP’s and other extremely intense racing circuits. She is also a fully qualified rigger. Gillian has now reduced her workload as a rigger to complete a business degree, but will be involved with Nautilus Yacht Management for private sailing lessons or as a race coach for aspiring sailors. Gillian has also launched her own business ‘Splicegirl’ to take care of all your splicing and rope work. You can contact Gillian through our website to commission your rope work or to arrange for race coaching and sailing lessons. Gillian will also conduct workshops on rope work/care and maintenance on regular basis at our premises in Palm Beach. Gillian may be only 25 years old but one would be hard-pressed to find anyone more committed, skilled and charismatic.


Mark Byers (CFO)

Mark is the Nautilus Yacht Management’s funds wizard. With over 30 years of experience as a chartered accountant and CEO of several international companies, he is here to monitor our financial heart-beat and take care of Nautilus’s main engine, the sustainability of our bank balance.