Maintenance Management

Maintenance management works in two ways:

  • We can keep your boat in our database and send you automatic reminders when something or other is due to be done, such as antifouling, engine service, rig-check, life-rafy and safety equipment servicing etc.

Price: $65/year

And/or we can take care of getting it done as well.

In this case:

  • we send you a reminder
  • we find the best person to do it (it may not be the same tradesman each year as quality may vary and we want to make sure you always get the best. Of course you may insist who you would like us to use if you are used to dealing with the same tradesman.)
  • we book your boat for you, deliver it to the slipway or tradesman if needed
  • we bring your boat back when work is completed
  • you receive the bill directly from the subcontracted company

Price: $170/year

Please note: each item used ‘on demand’ can be included in your tailored ‘Nautilus Club’ package membership. If you see that you use a service, or several services quite regularly why not consider becoming a Nautilus Club member? You would save greatly on the price of your services and receive priority treatment. You would also benefit from a list of other reduced-price services such as workshops, events invitation, gala and regatta days and more. Visit our Nautilus Club page or contact us on 02 9974 4096 or email us.


We do not take commission from tradesmen. This way we remain totally independent of judgement and in a better position to make sure that the people we get to do the work are the best for it not just sometimes…but all the time!