On-Call Assistance

So what if your engine suddenly starts making a strange noise, or your main halyard is at the top of the mast, or you have a flat battery, a fouled prop, or worst, you have run aground?

Nautilus Yacht Management offers on-call assistance. You can call us if you have any concerns or questions at any time. A fee will only be charged if someone has to be dispatched.

Nautilus Club members receive cheaper on-call assistance rates, so why not become a member today and enjoy some of the other benefits the club can offer you?

All of Nautilus Yacht Management customers enjoy a special relationship with us, so if you have bought a boat from us, are attending our workshops, are syndicated with us and/or are a ‘Nautilus Club’ member, you can enjoy the peace of mind to know that you are ‘part of the family’. We will extend to you the benefits of our knowledge and network, something that every yacht owner needs to stay safe.

We encourage our customers not to hesitate to call us if they have any concerns or questions. In many cases a worst situation or damage to the boat can be avoided if a possible problem is detected and attended to early. In many cases too, the problem is very little and easily fixed with a phone conversation and some simple directions. So do not hesitate to call us. We will not charge you for it, and don’t worry, no question is ever silly, especially not when it comes to boating!

If we do have to dispatch someone then a fee will be charged depending on where you are and what time of the day (or night) it is. The technician sent to assist you will charge you hourly and give you an indication of the rate before coming to you.

Prices listed below are indicative only and may vary with the technician.

  • Booking fee: $15 for daytime and $55 after 11pm. (free to Nautilus Club members)
  • Mechanic (from $125/hour, plus travel charge and overcharge after-hours)
  • Diver (from $350/hour, plus travel charge and overcharge after-hours)
  • Rigger (from $125/hour, plus travel charge and overcharge after-hours)
  • Tow (From $125/hour, calculated from leaving base time, overcharge after-hours)

Nautilus Club members enjoy between 10% and 80% discount depending on their membership level and are exempt of booking fees.


In situations where you may be in danger please call 000 or your local Marine Rescue center on Channel 16 VHF. Nautilus Yacht Management reserves the right, in dangerous situations, to decline dispatching a technician. Nautilus Yacht Management restrict its on-call assistance perimeter to Pittwater and Broken Bay.