Peace of Mind Checks

How safe is your boat?

Who hasn’t woken-up in a cold sweat wondering if they had indeed tied off the mooring line? Or imagined all sorts of terrible scenarios after reading in the papers that more boats are targeted by thieves in the area? Or maybe worry that your sail-covers are working themselves loose and imagine your precious mainsail rotting away under the sun or a heavy dew. Another thing to consider is your running rigging starts to chafe if not ‘moved-around’ a bit from time to time. There are also the batteries, whose health may cost you a lot of money on replacement if they become uncharged, or perish the thought, fail to run your bilge-pumps when it needs to do so. Having a boat on a mooring day after day, night after night really needs regular eye-contact and a bit of looking after.

Here is what Nautilus Yacht Management can offer you:

Peace of mind check (exterior)

  • we come by and go around your boat a few times to make sure everything looks okay. We do not board your boat.
  • a report is emailed to you with condition, date and time

Price: from $25 for Pittwater area.

Peace of Mind check (Interior and exterior)

  • we come by and go around your boat a few times making sure that everything looks okay, with no signs of damage or dangling ropes.
  • we board your boat and check the decks and cockpit.
  • we check that no rope is chafing against life-lines, spreaders, etc.
  • we tidy-up any lose rope or sail cover
  • we move along running rigging a little to prevent chafe (particularly if ropes are tied to gunwales.)
  • we check the inside of the boat for peculiar smell, water ingress,bilges  etc.
  • we check batteries voltage and any other things you may wish to have inspected
  • we send you a full report with condition, date and time of inspection, recommendations, etc.

Price: from $75 for Pittwater area.


Nautilus Yacht Management will make sure that your boat is not ‘alone’ when you are not around. If you live far from Pittwater, are away on holidays, or simply want to know that someone is regularly checking on your boat then sign up to our ‘Peace of Mind’ service.

Our services are tailored to what you want, so whether you would just like a one-off check to make sure you haven’t forgotten to close your hatch, or whether you want to have the benefits of a more regular check, inside and out, including such things as batteries health, bilges, rope chafe control and a full report sent to you then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Remember: No job is too small. We are happy to help.

If you would like regular checks, such as monthly, twice monthly or even weekly, the price will be recalculated to become a lot cheaper for you. You will also become an instant member of the Nautilus Club, which will give you added benefits including reduced costs on added services, such as maintenance management, workshops etc. as well as free entry to boating events, merchandising etc.

Call one of our friendly staff on 02 9974 4096 if you would like more information on this service or to become a Nautilus Club member.