The Voyage of ‘Novae’

The Voyage of ‘Novae’


A charming little update we just received from Novae’s lucky owners as they island-hop around the Pacific.

Novae has sailed all around the world from Europe and is now for sale (see our brokerage page), although she will continue sailing until sold, with plans to reach Australia later this year.

“Niuatoputapu, Tonga.
30 Aug 2014
We have spent a few days in Niuatoputapu (Niua for the locals),a lot of cruisers refer to it a Newpotato;  just because they cannot pronounce the real name.

It is an atoll, but with a sizable island or an island with a large lagoon….. three villages and 900 people, probably as many horses and triple as many pigs…

They live a great slow life, no grid electricity, but they all seem to have a genset, telephones and laptops.
The supply ship comes once a month, so they love cruisers who bring any thing for them, but they also like to buy or trade stuff.
They are also exceptionally nice and generous with fruit etc.
Kids will circle you asking your name and if you have lollies or pencils, we would not bring lollies, I just wish we had a lot of pens and pencils for them.

We experienced fresh (25~27kn) winds for over a week, it is also colder, we have been using the thin quilt cover that we had not used for months.

To anybody who is considering coming here, I would highly recommend a stop for a few days.
They have no radio, just anchor and fly your yellow flag.  After some time a white pick up will come to the wharf and people will wave their hands, so you go and pick them up.
Health will charge you 100T, immigration 25T, custom 8T, you can pay later once you go to the bank which is right next to custom and immigration.
No ATM, they will change your US$ @ around 1.8T for 1USD.

Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Vava’u, will be there Mon am.
We have been asked to give a lift to a priest whose brother died unexpectedly last night and the next plane is not due for another 10days…
Before agreeing I wanted to meet him, he speaks fluent English, said he doesn’t get seasick and is happy to sleep in the cockpit lounge.
He also agreed not to smoke….

The forecast is for 20kn easing to 15 by Mon afternoon so it should be a good ride.



To be continued…..