RYA Diesel Maintenance

Diesel Maintenance

The aim of the RYA Diesel Maintenance Course is to give you an awareness of the main systems of a marine diesel engine and to help you prevent a mechanical breakdown. It also gives you the basic skill to get going again should you have a problem. You will be able to undertake routine servicing and maintenance tasks. You will learn this is the best preventative discipline. In this course you will spend some time on theory, some time working on a training engine in the classroom and some hours on-board a yacht.


What will I learn?

  • To identify the key parts of a marine diesel engine
  • To understand fuel systems and how to solve problems
  • To understand the four stroke diesel cycle
  • How to bleed and diesel engines
  • How turbo chargers and intercoolers work
  • How pumps and impellors work
  • To understand cooling systems, pumps and impellors
  • Practical daily check lists and spare parts lists
  • To understand air systems and fault finding
  • To understand marine electrical systems in its simplicity
  • Marine engine log books and why they are necessary
  • Lubrication, winterisation and servicing
  • Fault finding and easy simple solutions


What is provided

RYA Diesel Engine course kit



Nautilus Yacht Management

1017 Barrenjoey Road

Palm Beach



8 hours from 0900 to 1700