Offshore Sailing

Offshore Sailing

Offshore sailing courses require at least 3 weeks booking in advance and are subject to weather.

If you have outgrown your sailing grounds and want to start widening your horizons this course is for you.

The course is planned in two levels, Level one takes you down to Sydney Harbour to find a nice anchorage and spend the night before returning back to Pittwater the following day. Level two takes you on an overnight trip to Port Stephens, spend a night there and come back the following night, arriving in Pittwater at sunrise.

If your boat is not quite capable for the trip don’t worry. We can provide the boat for you.

A minimum of two people are required for the level 2 course to allow for watches.

Nautilus Yachting School will provide you with a skipper qualified for offshore sailing. You have the choice to bring your own food (please bring some for the skipper too!), or to purchase one of Nautilus Yacht Management’s lovely offshore sailing hamper for an additional cost.


Level 1: full day sail, overnight stay, full day sail back.

$715 on your boat without catering. ($90/p extra if catering provided)

$1350 on our boat, catering included. ($90/p less if you bring you and your skipper’s food)

Level 2: afternoon and night sail, day stay, night sail back.

$1300 on your boat without catering. ($120/p extra if catering provided)

$1935 on our boat catering included ($120/p extra if you bring you and your skipper’s food)

The course begins a few hours before setting sails, and will include:

Preparation, planning, working out route, learning about weather, currents, check engine, etc.

  • Preparing boat and crew for sea. Establishing watches, routines, safety drills, OHS, etc.
  • Pilotage and communication with coast guards
  • Navigation course
  • Negotiating port entry and traffic
  • What to do if…
  • Understanding lights and buoys to prevent collision or grounding
  • Anchoring
  • Maintenance

Offshore sailing will take your confidence to a whole new level. When you feel the ocean beneath your boat and see how she dances, you will fully realise what she was built for and what she is capable of. A whole new world will be open to you, a wider range of emotion and dreams.

If you do not yet have a boat that can take you there but still want to experience the open sea that’s okay. We can provide you with boat and crew t help you learn and keep you safe.