Ropes and Running Rigging

Ropes and Running Rigging

Private lessons to be booked 15 days in advance. In case of adverse weather a new date will be set as close as possible to the original date.

Whether you have a sailing boat, or a power boat, you may love to learn the ancient art of rope-work.

Learning what knot does what, or how to splice your own mooring lines is a skill that will not only keep you in the tradition of the ancient mariners, come in handy every time you even step on your boat (no more being too slow to hitch your fenders up or take them down in the marina), and help make you look like a real sailor.

The courses are run privately and on your own yacht (we can even join you up the bay somewhere if you want to be taught in your favourite anchorage). If you wish to book additional lessons then just talk to us, we can arrange follow-up lessons for you if you would like to know more about this really relaxing and interesting skill.

A 3 X hours lesson is $390, and subsequent lessons can be arranged on hourly basis for $135, less if you book for more hours, as we take into consideration the travelling time to your boat.

Why not bring your partner, friends or family to share the cost with you? (Max 4 people)

All material is provided.

  • A bit of knowledge about ropes, their construction and types
  • Knots, bends and hitches, which knots are best for what
  • Whipping and splicing
  • Splicing three stranded rope and making your own mooring lines
  • Splicing double braided and single braid rope.
  • …and more

Workshops are all conducted on the water.

Each student is encouraged to practice each new skill over and over so as to quickly build confidence while safely supervised by our instructor.

All lessons will include additional notes and reading materials as well as written personalised advice.