Safe Anchoring

Safe anchoring

Private lessons to be booked 15 days in advance. In case of adverse weather a new date will be set as close as possible to the original date.

Anchoring can be a daunting prospect. Who hasn’t experienced the trepidations of arriving in an anchorage late at night only to find that all the moorings are occupied? Or spent a sleepless night wondering if the anchor has been properly laid? Or seen people’s anchor tangled-up with some other boat’s as they had not properly considered swing space?

An anchor is your life-line, your invisible friend beneath the water, a very simple piece of equipment that require a great deal of skills and understanding to do its job properly, and a very important job it is!

This course is designed to build your confidence in anchoring in all conditions, including understanding underwater relief, types of grounds and their holding properties, and most of all, the techniques used when anchoring and testing your anchor’s hold.

We will also teach you tricks on how to minimise swing, laying addition anchors, even using an anchor to stabilise you if you have run aground (this part we will only do in theory, don’t worry).

Some parts of the course will be adapted to the equipment you have on your own boat, for example how to minimise impact on an electric winch. We will also give specific advice to people who have a multihull.

This course last 3 hours and cost $390. As with all Nautilus Yachting School courses you are welcome to bring friends or family to share the cost of the lesson. It is a great way to spend quality family time or a fun way to learn with your friends. (4 people maximum)

  • Choosing an anchorage according to weather and tide
  • Your anchor, types of anchor. Pros and cons.
  • Laying an anchor
  • Communication
  • Pre-anchoring drill
  • Laying anchor (how to do it and how much chain to let out)
  • Testing for holding strength
  • Snotting and bracing
  • Laying additional anchor or running line to shore
  • Weighing anchor
  • …and more

Workshops are all conducted on the water.

Each student is encouraged to practice each new skill over and over so as to quickly build confidence while safely supervised by our instructor.

All lessons will include additional notes and reading materials as well as written personalised advice.