Sailing Advanced

Advanced sailing course

Private lessons to be booked 15 days in advance. In case of adverse weather a new date will be set as close as possible to the original date.

For those who have already covered the topics taught in Sailing Intro and want to push things a little further.

The following course is a set of 3 X 3 hours lessons.

Each of these skills take a great deal of time to master but we will make sure you fully understand them at the end of each course. Many of these skills (such as mooring and anchoring under sails) are great to build your confidence and can really come in handy if your engine were to not work or if your propeller were fouled, for example.

We strongly recommend that anyone considering experimenting with their lightweight sails or running with poled-out headsails first get some tuition as these manoeuvres can be quite disastrous if performed without proper knowledge.

A fully qualified sailing instructor will cover each of these exercises slowly and comprehensively with you, and leave you with personalised advice as well as documentation at the term of the course.

The price is course is $570 for each 3 hours course, $990 for two lessons and $1460 for all three lessons, which cover the whole course.

You are welcome to bring friends and/or family with you to share the cost. (Maximum 4 people)

Advanced Sailing’ will see you take your sailing skills to the next step.

You will practice things such as:

  • Poling your headsail
  • Setting additional running rigging (sheets, braces, preventer, etc.)
  • Backing sails
  • Tacking in race mode
  • Gybing in race mode
  • Using you spinnaker and A sails
  • Reefing
  • Leaving mooring under sails
  • Mooring under sails
  • Anchoring under sails
  • Leaving anchor under sails
  • …and more

Workshops are all conducted on the water.

Each student is encouraged to practice each new skill over and over so as to quickly build confidence while safely supervised by our instructor.

All lessons will include additional notes and reading materials as well as written personalised advice.