Sailing Introduction


Sailing introduction course

Private lessons to be booked 15 days in advance. In case of adverse weather a new date will be set as close as possible to the original date.

For those who have never sailed before, or who want to make sure they are doing things right. Here is your chance to ask all the questions you never dared to ask, to fully understand each manoeuvre and practice them with a fully dedicated to you sailing instructor on your own yacht. (If you don’t have a boat yet don’t worry, we can  teach you on one of ours)

‘Sailing Intro’ is a course that last around 3 hours, but you can book as many as you like if you feel you need more time and practice for a reduced cost.

The price for each 3 hour lesson is $390 on you boat, and $490 on one of our boats.

You can bring family or a group of friends to share the cost if you like (maximum 4 people)

Things you will be practicing are:

  • Tacking
  • Gybing
  • Reaching
  • Running
  • Balancing your sails
  • Reading the wind
  • Sails up and down
  • Safe furling
  • Winches
  • Useful knots
  • …and more

Workshops are all conducted on the water.

Each student is encouraged to practice each new skill over and over so as to quickly build confidence while safely supervised by our instructor.

All lessons will include additional notes and reading materials as well as written personalised advice.