We are passionate about the sea. Our business exists, simply to share this passion with you

Our Story

When our own time to stop cruising came, with much sadness, and sedentary life replaced our nomadic existence, the idea to continue the dream through our fellow cruisers became our raison-d’être. The first thing that is striking to many new cruisers is the beautiful philosophy, helpfulness and honesty that is seen between boaties. This is the philosophy that we wished to keep at the time of the birth of Nautilus Yacht Management in 2011, and which is will continue to remain ours for as long as we remain in operation. As boat brokers, and once beginner yachties ourselves, the memories of the trepidation and confusion we felt while venturing into the second-hand boat market is all too fresh. This is something that is ever present in our daily life as brokers today. Patience, helpfulness, honesty, and treating everyone with the utmost respect is very important to us at every stage of our work. ___/)_For sellers, we endeavor to work together in a way that minimize the stress and feeling of losing control that is often reported when boat owners, and especially cruisers, reach the decision to sell and sign up with a broker. If we ask utmost honesty from our sellers, who must share with us the good, and the not so good about their boat, we offer the same in return. A thoroughly and honestly described boat will find her rightful owner smoothly and safely. The trust placed in us as their broker extends from knowing their boat, (and boats in genera)l well, the market, and the very best marketing tools. Our sellers, no matter the market value of their boat, can be certain that the back office team guaranties the very best of modern marketing, where constant innovations and fast changing web-based platforms are constantly being used by our young web managers to keep abreast of today’s vast exposure possibilities. Lastly, our company offers tailor-made brokerage representation at very reduced costs when compared to other brokers. The reason? A simple formula where we reduce our overheads by not having fancy offices and a row of receptionists, but instead focus our budget on quality advertising, and a dedicated, experienced team working almost around the clock 7 days a week. Talk to us today about our selection of brokerage representation! For buyers, the effort is made not just sometimes, but ALL the time, to ensure that you are, from the very first phone call or email, feeling that you have knocked on the right door. Whether you are a fast, or a slow mover, whether you need help with finding the right boat, are not sure about one of ours, or are just in the early stages of planning your sea-change, our team will welcome you and give you as much time as you need to make you feel comfortable, in control, and in an environment where you feel that you are a friend, not another client. We are in the business of dealing with dreams, and people’s safety, and are very much aware of the role we play to ensure that from the very beginning we work with you to help you make the right decision, give you advice when needed, help throughout the boat buying process, and hope to keep you in the Nautilus Family long after you have sailed away on your new boat.To recap: Nautilus Yacht Management is the only yacht brokerage in the world built by cruisers for cruisers, and running more like a hub or club than the classic brokerage model. We are an international business with an active presence through the Pacific, Europe, the Caribbean and South East Asia. If we cover a broad territory, we however chose carefully each of our listings and keep a small, boutique-style portfolio of boats carefully screened and checked for possible problems. Only very well maintained yachts and boats make the cut, which is important, as the buyers will often need to travel far to see the boat of their dreams, and furthermore trust that all possible care is taken to ensure that they sail away into their dream in a safe and trusted cruising boat

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