We’ve been around the block as blue-water mariners & conservation scientists on voyages spanning three oceans, working at sea. Across many countries and ports we’ve interacted with plenty of brokers, boat experts, surveyors, fixers and shipwrights. In all of these categories we’ve never met anyone with Anna’s drive, capacities and combined skill-at-the-arts. If you have an opportunity to work with her you will find fresh wind, enjoy yourself, and count yourself lucky!! Anna handled all of the complex aspects of selling a 30 ton steel ketch, blue-water cruiser, SV Llyr, out of the SW Pacific with savvy, honest marketing, adroit skill, and earnest strong relationships that are the hallmark of a professional who is passionate about her work and life. That passion, tied to knowledge, is infectious and builds the perfect environment for seller and buyer to find each other and develop confidence and trust. In addition, as challenges in the field, or need for additional services, arose, Nautilus Yacht Management drew on their well of talent to solve any requirement, from captaincy, delivery, survey, insurance, and crew to keep us all on track and moving forward. Anna Manach’s reputation is impeccable, Nautilus Yacht management’s international reach is stellar and magnetic. If you are lucky enough to list and work with Anna & team you will feel fortunate, make new capable friends, and have a really fun experience! Sincerely, Brooks & Janis