Hereby a small word of gratitude and testimonial concerning our collaboration with Anna and NYM.

From the first contact we had with Anna we had a very positive and reassuring feeling with her. Her communication is always very correct and honest. Selling our beloved Anastasia after 20 years is psychologically no so easy, she has been our home for the last 6 years and brought us across an atypically route to French Polynesia. Anna assisted not only on the commercial and practical site of this sales process but also gave us confidence and comfort on the emotional part. She managed to get to parties together with the same passion in a way that those to parties not only are sellers and buyers but become friends. We only can advise everyone who is thinking on buying our selling their yacht just to contact Anna and experience her fantastic approach. From the bottom of our heart we thank you Anna. Sophie, Frank and Anastasia (futur Kolea)
Frank and Sophie