We were in Fiji and had decided that we were going to sell our boat at the end of the season in Australia but met Anna as she had come very highly recommended by a friend. Her infectious enthusiasm when combined with a very clear expertise of the nuances of selling yachts in NZ, Australia and off-shore quickly convinced us to change our plans. And we are extremely happy we did!

Anna carries with her a very high standard in every aspect of her approach to marketing yachts. We had compiled what we thought was an exhaustive set of pictures and videos for the marketing process. In the nicest possible way, Anna soon convinced us that it needed a ‘few’ improvements and before we knew it, we were reshooting the boat and doing a guided video tour. She then got some action shots of us sailing from her long boat to add to the mix. She then edited it herself and published a very professional brochure and video as the key marketing documents. Anna has a keen understanding of on-line marketing of yachts and how to best to maximise exposure- she is not afraid to spend her own money to get the boat on the main pages of the key sites.

Despite a slow down in the overall market, we had an offer and deposit within 3 weeks of launching the marketing campaign. This is where things became complicated as the broker representing the purchaser was clearly out of his league and bluffing his way through the process. This is the only time when I saw Anna get upset- she expects others to behave in the same ethical manner that she does and the other broker was no where in the same league. The buyers soon figured this out and had Anna on their speed dial as their primary contact when they had questions. Their maritime attorney also deferred to Anna when it came to the mechanics of concluding the sale offshore.

As we were out of the country, Anna also showed the boat on our behalf and so had to travel to Vanuatu from Fiji on 2 occasions to meet with the buyers. While we were not surprised with how professionally she prepared for the visit and sea trial, what impressed us and the buyers even more was how she arranged a dinner with other yachties that she knew in the area to introduce them to the buyers! Yet another example (of many) of how Anna will go beyond all expectations in working with you and the buyer to conclude the sale. It is clear that Anna just enjoys what she does and so is very good at it.

As you can tell, we were extremely happy with our decision to work with Anna and would have no hesitation in recommending her. You will not be disappointed!

Kevin and Jane Rush
S/V Libeccio