Leopard 48 - 4 Cabins version








This boat presents beautifully, has been upgraded for serious cruising between 2017 and 2022, as well as maintained in beautiful condition. The list of safety, cruising equipment, tools and spares is impressive.

As per our company policy for offshore cruising vessel, Living Daylight was fully surveyd by an independent Australian surveyor. The report is available on request. Small cosmetic work needed, such as salon upholstery and bathroom mirrors which have corroded around their outer edge.

Read on for the full description!


"This Leopard 48 has proven to be the perfect boat and home for (all of) us as a family, allowing us to travel to remote places of the world with great comfort and with everything we need. When we first started looking, as sailing newbies we were pretty agnostic about which cat would be a better fit as we had never owned any boat before. So, we focused more on the “bones” of the boat, how it had been treated, how we’d fit, and how it would suit our needs and become our home rather than a specific model. We went to all the boat shows, looked and poked at all catamarans we could find, got properly confused, but we managed to get a feeling for what we would like and what wouldn’t be necessary. When this cat came out for sale in Greece, we specifically asked to visit and be able to talk to the owner. We did a lot of research and realized a Leopard 48 would fit the bill perfectly, as a proven, reliable, offshore cruising catamaran that sails well and looked very safe as we were going cruising with three kids. Long story short, we have never regretted the decision or been in doubt that Living Daylights was the right boat for us. Being a cruising catamaran, this 4 cabins Leopard 48 focuses on the comfort of living onboard without sacrificing solidity, good speed under sail, and easy access to all compartments. It is a 2013 boat, the first of the Leopard modern designs, which have been copied down the line for other later models. 

Upon seeing it firsthand, the first things we noticed were the spacious feel, the cleanliness of the design, the huge cockpit table, room for everybody…even when one needs some alone time. Not surprisingly it’s a good sailboat, doesn’t require much wind, handles strong winds well, and is easily handled by one person alone safely from the cockpit. How safe? Get this: just before leaving I had gifted my wife with a new, all bells and whistles Goretex sailing jacket. I thought … a necessity when going at sea, right? 20,000 nautical miles later, two ocean crossings and you know how many times has she used it? Yep…you guessed it: exactly zero. Not even once. It’s still in the wardrobe, in its original cellophane, collecting dust. 

Neither of us had prior significant sailing experience and that’s why we were looking for, and found, an impeccably maintained catamaran, which would carry us while we got our hands wet and learnt what was needed. Paradoxically, our lack of experience (both my wife and I come from a finance background) has influenced the way we organize and maintain our own boat, that is, we make damn sure to keep everything in top condition. We take all measures to ensure our (and our kids) safety, from safe navigation, engines that are expertly maintained, impeccable rigging, to making sure all safety equipment is certified and redundant for the passages we have taken. In deep scuba diving, a very dangerous sport, there’s a thing called the Snowball effect: “Fix the first problem fully and completely as soon as you recognize it” 

We take the same approach to boat maintenance: our life and our kids depend on it. Goes without saying, we are still cruising on Living Daylights, and keeping everything in great shape. The boat will be handed over in excellent condition and turnkey ready for anyone who wants a ready to go boat life, and to enjoy the fabulous lifestyle of sailing around in your home away from home. 

Living Daylights spent her first years in Greece where she saw mostly summer use and was stored in a good climate. The first owner had a skipper on payroll year around, who would take daily care of the cat and keep her, literally, in top condition. She has never been used in charter and it is obvious to everyone who visits her that she has been well taken care of - something we have been told repeatedly by other cruisers and are proud of. After 5 years the owner wanted a bigger cat, and, truly, that turned out to be our lucky day. 

In May 2018 a serious refitting had been carried out, new batteries, new top-quality cushions, new fishfinder (he was, and still is an avid fisherman: we got the bug as well), and more. Late 2018 we bought it and started to add ocean cruising equipment as Living Daylights had been used in the Med only. Hence, during the following spring, as we started to prepare for the 2019 ARC to St. Lucia, we ordered and installed the Sparcraft bowsprit, new compression post, new Code 0 and new asymmetrical spinnaker by the best sailmaker in Italy (Sail Design), new blocks and jammers to handle them, new Facnor 4500 furler on the bowsprit, new Dyneema lines, significantly upgraded the solar panels, cables, Victron MPPTs, new battery monitor, new Iridium phone, new external Iridium antenna, new wind generator SilentWind Pro 400, new Electrolux 7kg washing machine, new wraparound cockpit Sunbrella enclosure, new kitchen shelves, new top of the line Plastimo lifevests with OceanSignal personal AIS transponders included for each of us. We also fully serviced both engines and saildrives, replaced the antifouling, had the rudders inspected and changed their bearings, changed the generator’s elbow, upgraded the watermaker low pressure pump, inspected, serviced and recertified the Viking Liferaft.  

After an uneventful crossing (that’s how we like them), we spent the season in the Caribbean, until we got stuck in St. Martin during the Covid scare as the world closed down. We then headed south to Grenada for hurricane season and, in October 2020, hauled her out in preparation for the Pacific crossing we were planning for Spring 2021. We chose Grenada Marine as they were the official dealers for Yanmar engines and SeaRecovery watermakers: so, not only we did the usual works, filters, oil, new antifouling, Propspeed on props, we also replaced the engine-saildrive seals, had the cones lapped (it wasn’t needed, but still we preferred to do it just in case), replaced the whole anchor chain for a new one, new Mantus anchor swivel, had the watermaker professionally checked, dropped the rudders and had their steel core cleaned, new zincs, replaced the jib UV band and on and on.. 

There was one more very important item I wanted to tackle, something that had been bugging me for a while: a second autopilot. The original rotary drive autopilot hadn’t had any problem but, in keeping with “Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy” theme, we wanted to make extra sure we wouldn’t have any issue with it, if, for some reason, one failed. For that we headed back to St Martin, where we purchased a brand new Raymarine Ev 400 and started the laborious process of installing it, because, for extra safety, I wanted the linear drive (the piston) directly on one of the rudders, skipping the steering cables completely. A small extra fiberglass shelf was created in one engine room, and an extra arm on the rudders was welded in. The conversation with the welder went like this:

“Hello, I need to install a new autopilot linear drive on a rudder and need a new arm on it”

“Sure, this aluminum piece will do just fine for your needs”

“Great thanks, actually, I would like something about 5x stronger than what you’re suggesting”

He looked at me askance: “You don’t need it and it’s only gonna cost you more”

I smiled pleasantly “Please humor me”. 

And so he did.

Unfortunately, French Polynesia threw a monkey wrench on our plans and closed down a few weeks before we were scheduled to leave. We then spent the dry (ah!) season in Panama, but we got out of dodge in April as lightning season started since there’s little that scares us more than lightning on a boat as we have heard too many horror stories. So, we went to Costarica, where we finally got our permission to go to French Polynesia in Spring 2022. Goes without saying, we hauled out the boat in January 2022, did all proper maintenance, engines, generator, rebedded our rubrails, winches and windlass were serviced, renovated all Sikaflex on our Tek-Dek, new antifouling, new seats for the dinghy, propellers were polished and coated with Propspeed, and pretty much everything was polished and scrubbed. As always, if it’s on the boat, it needs to work. 

After spending the season enjoying the Pacific islands, it’s time to take stock: kids grow, college beckons, and priorities shift. We thought long and hard whether it makes sense to sell Living Daylights, but this cat is made for deep water sailing, not for the occasional weekend use. And so it is with a heavy heart that we have chosen to put our dear Living Daylights on the market. We hope that she will give someone else as much joy and adventure as we have had, and that the future owners will continue to take good care of her. We will do our best to make a proper handover and to answer any questions in the future. We honestly believe that whoever the next owner is, you will be very lucky." Living Daylights Family - NZ, December 2022.


For a bit of info about Nautilus Yacht Management, we are a boutique-style brokerage devoted to high quality cruising yachts and to the cruising community since our launch in Sydney in 2011. 

With several offshore branches from French Polynesia to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia to assist cruisers along South Pacific route, we are here to help both sellers and buyers with the logistics involved from registration to insurance, delivery, import, survey, storage and crewing if required. Ex- cruisers ourselves we just strive to help others begin their journey on the ocean. 

If you think Living Daylights could be exactly what you have been looking for get in touch! Our team can organize a private video viewing with you as well as have all the time in the world to answer your questions, put you in touch with the owners if you wish, assist with organising your visit, purchase, delivery home if needed, insurance, berthing, crewing, etc. 


The Leopard 48 has a spacious cockpit with a large table making it a great dining and lounging area. The table comfortably sits 8, but as we say in the Bluewater cruising community, with friends it is easy to squeeze in more.

Just above the table lies a hatch, which is great to let air in when it’s stifling hot.

Under your feet, Tek-Dek on all surfaces gives the boat a perfectly familiar wooden feel, without the constant maintenance real teak requires. A power-wash once-in-a-while will make it look as good as new.

All cockpit seating has comfy cushions, made from waterproof Sunbrella fabric and secured with velcro, making them ideal for all conditions and easy to clean.

Windows in the saloon provides excellent views in all directions from the cockpit which allows you to take in the beautiful sceneries, but also ensures a good lookout during passages. 

When entertaining friends, Living Daylights has a great Bose sound system with speakers in the cockpit and in the saloon.

Under the helmsman seat steps, there is a cockpit Vitrifrigo refrigerator with freezer included, because, as the owners say "you want your beers ice-cold!". Just on top of it, there’s a fire extinguisher, refilled in 2022. 

Under one bench of the cockpit there is a vented locker that safely stores 3 propane bottles. Next to it is a spacious storage locker which we use for all chemicals, washing utilities, buckets, etc.

Under the bench by the sliding door there are 4 X AGM 240 V house batteries, installed in 2018 and kept in immaculate condition. The owners write: "How immaculate? Well, when on passage on sunny days, with all electric systems on, fridge, freezer, autopilot, chart plotter, radar, inverter 24/7, there is no reason to fire up the generator to recharge the batteries as solar and wind are enough to keep them full."

Further, the owners had made some pouches in Sunbrella fitted under the helmsman seat which hold fishing equipment, sunscreen and whatever you want to keep at hand.

Living Daylights came with Sunbrella shades to keep out of the sun, but while cruising the owners felt it was not sufficient. They write: "In Sicily a local artisan made us a full cockpit Sunbrella enclosure with both full mosquito nets and clear plastic, independently rollable, which makes the cockpit dry and usable for all seasons and lets air in even when the bugs are out for blood. On top of that, having snaps on the bottom, it’s a great safety feature, as you can close the cockpit completely during navigation (but still let air in) and there’s no chance whatsoever of anybody falling off the boat however challenging the sea state is. And that is a big relief when you have kids onboard. We have not seen such an enclosure anywhere else or on any other boat since we started cruising. You’ll love it as well."

Finally, on the roof of the cockpit, above the table, a beautiful wooden rack lets you store all your fishing gear safely out of everybody’s way but conveniently close by when you want to fish.

Both outside and inside, all, lighting is LED, with original Quick spares onboard.

Last but not least and in typical Bluewater cruising spirit, the owners devised a rainwater collection system for all rain falling on the roof, drilling two small holes on the sides and fitting two small transparent plastic tubes which direct water out, unless you want to fill up some containers and bring them in. 


-Fully enclose-able cockpit

- Hard top bimini with LED lights

- Large table (which is strong enough to stand on)- Seats 10 people

- Built in Bose stereo with four exterior speakers

- Cockpit refrigerator

- Ample storage compartments 


One of the greatest advantages of the Leopard 48 is that all sailing and reefing can be made from the helmsman seat in the cockpit, which is convenient and safe. With two electric winches, this also means that adjustments can be easily done by one person alone under all conditions, without having to go on deck or wake another person up at night. 

The helm station is really one of the best features of the boat and the envy of most other ones, including bigger cats. It has a wide seat, great 360 view, well spread-out displays, controls and winches and everything necessary to sail the cat from the comfort of the cockpit.

The helmsman seat is extra wide, with a hardtop Bimini which in the tropics is key to keeping cool and staying out of the sun, but also keeps you dry from the rain. The bimini has built in LED lighting that provides excellent ambiance at night.

In front of you you’ll have all the displays, a Raymarine E125 hybrid chartplotter, an E3 Raymarine hybrid Sonar fishfinder which maps out the bottom in 3D and is great when scoping out an area before anchoring. The E3 works also as a smaller, backup chartplotter.

The owners write: "Late 2020 we upgraded the other displays/controls, with a new P70 for the autopilot and new I60 for wind, depth, speed and more. Since we like redundancy, we left another display for wind only, and at the edge we have got the Quick chaincounter. All of these are super conveniently bluetoothed and can be viewed on your phone via the Raymarine app. Beyond the Edson wheel, you have a bright compass. On your right, the Teleflex throttles let you manage the engines with ease.  Two displays, one each, both analog and digital, keep track of their cooling water temperature, oil pressure and alternators voltage and include several alarms, among which a rare “water in the saildrive”."

Right and left of the displays you can find two Lewmar Ocean 55 electric winches and on the side, a manual Lewmar Ocean 55 winch. "You’ll find that we use the electric winches for most of our sailing, which make sail changes a breeze. Also, 11 Lewmar Spinlock rope clutches at the reach of your fingers allow you to run all sails you like with no trouble."

Overall, the helmstation is one of the highlights of this catamaran, super functional, well thought out, aesthetically pleasing, roomy and with a perfect 360 degrees view of your surroundings. 


- 3 Lewmar Ocean 55 winches, two of which are electric

- E125 Raymarine hybrid chartplotter 

- E3 Raymarine Sonar hybrid fishfinder and back up chartplotter

- EV 400 autopilot P70 control, new 2020

- Raymarine Depth, Wind, Speed I60 display, new 2020- Quick chaincounter

- Stereo Bose controls

- 12v charger

- Teleflex engine controls


The Saloon:

The first thing you notice when entering the saloon is the classic Leopard-style wrap around vertical windows lighting up the area and making the boat feel open and airy. 

The door which opens on the front cockpit, which we jokingly we call “the front porch”: this feature is unique to Leopards and takes ventilation to another level, as you get steady flow of breeze from the bow to the back.

The sliding door also combines the cockpit and the saloon which makes it feel extra spacious and ideal for having company.

Windows on all sides allow 360 degrees visibility even when cooking and are of great help in avoiding seasickness.

The dark floors paired with aqua-green upholstery (new in 2019, done in Sicily as well), give the boat a fresh, clean feeling.

The owners write: "The saloon has a large table which comfortably seats 6 people. That table is folding and becomes, together with the saloon sofas a big, triple bed if wanted. The appropriate mattress for it is stored in the port forward cabin. Under all of the saloon seats, there are large storage compartments easily accessible by lifting up cushions, providing plenty of room for long term provisioning and spares."

In the corner of the saloon there is a well sized chart table. Above the chart table is the second, independent, redundant, navigation system and electrical control, VHF, AIS, stereo and 2 USB power outlets for charging. The backup navigation system is Timezero by MaxSea and is installed on a dedicated computer. The owners also have OPEN CPN installed on this device, a fantastic help to navigation, particularly in tricky areas such as reefs. To assure complete redundancy, the computer has its own, independent GPS tracker.

The galley:

The galley on the Leopard 48 is wide, and its core is a 4 burner Force 10 stove and separate Force 10 oven. The burners and oven work great with the oven getting hot enough to beautifully bake bread and homemade pizza, a favorite on Living Daylights.

The countertop is made of Corian acrylics, giving it an exclusive look and makes it very durable. There are plenty of work surfaces in the galley for food prep.

The double sinks make it easy to do dishes, and its faucet was replaced in 2021. The galley has a large cabinet on the countertop in the corner with lots of room for dishes and cookware.

Just under it sits the Samsung microwave, and by the side, are the Philips toaster and the Nespresso coffeemaker.

Under the sink there is plenty of space for cleaning supplies along with a garbage bin.

The Leopard 48 Vitrifrigo fridge is very large which is key for provisioning for longer periods. The separate freezer is as big as the fridge: it can hold about 20 kgs of meat. 

And there is more! The owners write"Because we love our drinks iced, a Raritan Icerette is installed on the side, and provides ice galore whenever you want them."

The saloon, like all the cabins, has Cruisair aircon. The controller sits on the control panel on the starboard side. The Cruisair has an inverter and can be set up for Heat would you find yourself in colder climates. An excellent equipment to have on a boat which means it can be used in all seasons outside of the tropics. 

For added comfort, and privacy, all windows have OceanAir shades.  

The control panel is the heart of all electrical utilities of the boat, and holds: 

-       Northern Lights 9kw generator switch On and Off

-       Watermaker AquaWhisper switch On and Off display

-       3 independent controls for Cruiseair aircon

-       Mastervolt Battery Monitor, with its shunt installed directly on the batteries in 2019

-       All boat’s 230 volts breakers 

-       Magnum 2.7kw inverter display and control

A 32 inch TV, new 2020, hangs on the side, just in front of the big sofa, great for all family movies. 

Lastly, in 2019 the owners installed a boat-wide WIFI system, with Ubiquity booster antenna included, which is controlled by the saloon computer and is able to catch wifi signals from a very long distance.

Saloon & Galley Highlights:

- Vitrifrigo refrigerator and freezer

- 4 burner Force 10 stove

- Force oven

- Raritan Icerette

- 2 basin sink

- Exclusive Corian countertop

- Lots of storage 

- VHF Raymarine 55 Radio with DSC

- AIS Raymarine 650 with Silent Switch

- 32 inch TV

- Microwave Samsung

- Toaster, Nespresso machine, Breadmaker

- Boat wide WIFI network with Ubiquity booster antenna

- Built in Bose stereo system

- Timezero navigation system, with own, independent, GPS 

- Open CPN

- Table converts to bed

- Cruisair aircon


The galley / saloon has a door which opens up on the front cockpit, where plenty of seating for several friends.

The door is a great feature as lets in unbeatable airflow from bow to stern and keeps the boat cool in the tropics. It also has a rollable mosquito net if bugs are out and about, or you just don’t want as much air.

The owners write: "When the door is open and there’s a breeze, it’s positively windy inside the boat. The cockpit has a rigid roof, and, right in the center, a sliding glass to let you access the front lockers thru 2 steps up. It is also a safer and more secure way to go to the bow in rough seas, instead of walking around the boat, not to mention additional independent space.

The front cockpit (or, the “porch”, as we jokingly call it) is everybody’s favorite place when downwind sailing or at anchor as you have perfect sea view, a rigid roof to shade you from the elements and plenty of air. All seats have the same Sunbrella cushions as the rear cockpit. On its sides two loungers provide a perfect, shaded and airy, siesta location. Below it, a scupper will drain any spray or rain. I remember reading about this front cockpit, with all the worries about the possibility of being flooded in heavy seas. After 4 years, two ocean crossing, and thousands of miles, we can confidently say those fears are completely unfounded.

As far as I know only Leopards have the front cockpit, and it’s the envy of most other cats, bigger or smaller. Great, great feature of Leopard 48s."


These spacious, bright and airy cabins are located on both hulls. Walking down 4 steps to gain access, with a solid grip to guide you down.

A large queen size bed with ample headroom catches your eye.

At the head of the bed there is a 12V fan which is a real treat when it is hot or muggy at night.

The window side of the bed has a small cubby for all your nighttime essentials.

Along the interior side of the bed there are two shelves between the bed and wall which run the whole length and create a more open feel and can hold plenty of nighttime essentials and has 2 USB chargers installed plus a 2 230v plugs.

The large picture window next to the bed lets in lots of light and at night it is always reassuring to look out and make sure the boat is where it is supposed to be.

Next to the picture window there is a porthole which allows a nice airflow, along with the large overhead hatch.

Moving forward under the front of the bed there is a large storage cabinet and under the bed there is lots of space. This is also where each of the diesel tanks are located and where the water heaters lay.

In addition to the closet and cabinet, behind the sliding door there is another cabinet.

There are also storage boxes under the floor.

In total, not including under the bed or floor, there are 4 large storage cabinets; plenty of room for all your cruising essentials. 

Also, behind the cabin door is a full-length mirror which is a real bonus on a sailboat.

Finally, every cabin has a fire extinguisher, renewed in January 2022.

For climate control, all cabins have Cruisair aircon, a great boon when the heat is stifling, which can be set up as a Dehumidifier only, if one would so choose. All controls are at the Control panel.


- Queen size bed

- Cabin large window, port hole and overhead hatch 

- Cruisair AirCon

- 4 large cabinets/closets 

- 12V fan

- USB chargers bedside plus 2 230v plugs- 2 LED Nightlights

- Fire extinguisher


Walking down the 4 steps on the port side brings you to the forward cabin.

This room has a large V-bed with a 12V fan and three LED night lights.

Under the bed there is a lot of storage space. T

here is a large cabinet under the foot of the bed, one closet on the interior wall, and a bigger side storage space just after the door, as you enter, where we keep all spare pillows and blankets.

A large mirror behind the door.

For natural light and ventilation there is a large picture window, porthole and large overhead hatch. The forward cabins have Cruisair AirCon too. 


- Lots of light and airflow

- 12V fan 

- Plenty of storage

- Cruisair AirCon

- 2 LED Nightlights


Every cabin has its own bathroom, so a total of 4 for the boat.

Roof is high, and they are split into the toilet area, sink and the separate shower.

The owners write: "We love that the shower has its own dedicated space and doesn't wet the entire bathroom area."

Behind the mirror there’s a small compartment for toiletries.

The shower has its own door, with plenty of room, with its own showerhead.

The sinktop is in Corian.

All toilets are electric, saltwater Jabsco Quiet Flush with controls on the side. 

There are two hatches, one above the toilet and one on the side, allowing nice natural light and airflow to keep away the mould.  


- Separate shower stall with wall mount

- Overhead and side hatches 

- Jabsco Quiet Flush electric toilet

- Blackwater tank


Beyond the starboard forward cabin, right in the front you can find the forepeak’s berth, aka Skipper's cabin. It includes a shelf, a removable mattress, a light, a sink, a shower and a manual Jabsco toilet with its own dedicated black waters tank. 

The owners have never used it as such but it’s a convenient place to store all their fenders, docking and spare lines. 

On the port side there is the same configuration, but this space has no extra berth, and instead is dedicated to the watermaker, which lies below the water line (it works better this way) and to the washing machine, an Electrolux 7kg was installed in 2019.

The owners write: "We eschewed marine models and picked an off the shelf model at the local shops. We figured that, would the need arise, spare parts would be more readily available."


The main feature of the bow is the front cockpit. (Did we mention everybody loves it?)

Beyond that there are two huge lockers compartments: one houses the generator and the extra water tank, while the other holds the main water tanks. The owners keep the downwind sails there as well as well odds and pieces. 

The trampoline is great spot to relax in a cool breeze and an open working surface which the owners love for launching the Gennaker, kites, drying off equipment, and when anchoring.

On the starboard side there are two adjustable Magma surfboards holders, where are kept the SUP and the surfboard when not on passage.

The Leopard 48 roof is sturdy on all ends and doesn’t flex. Just in the front, above the front cockpit, there’s a sliding glass panel, which can be used in case of rain. 

The boom, a rare occurrence for a cat, has a wang, which keeps it in place no matter the tension of the topping lift.

The roof allows easy access to the boom and sail. It's also a great place to watch the sunset or to get a better angle to spot coral bommies.

The bimini has a dodger that provides excellent rain protection in the cockpit and at the helm. 

Dipping under the water from the swim steps, the hull of Living Daylights is well cared for. The bottom has been antifouled every year, with her last haul out and repaint in January 2022. 

The owners write: "A clean hull means a faster passage and we take great care to keep her hulls clean and her sides polished and waxed."


Two Yanmar 4JH5E diesel engines make up the heart of this boat's propulsion system. 

The owners write: "When we first bought Living Daylights, it was important to us that we know her engines were well maintained and in top condition."

Each engine is a fully independent system and does not rely on the other engine to run.  The great part of this design is that if one engine fails, the other is always available since there are no common points of failure.

The engines are fitted with Yanmar SD50 saildrives and Brunton Varifold 3 blade folding propellers, which provide extra speed under sail and no noticeable difference when motoring, forward or backwards. 

Each engine has its own starting battery and a 300L fuel tank located in the aft cabins on their respective sides. The engines rooms are incredibly clean, thanks to the owner, who explains: "I am a little bit of a maniac and insist on keeping the engine rooms spotlessly clean: a friend, after looking at them, jokingly described them as aseptic as surgical rooms."

A Yanmar mechanic last serviced the engines in Tahiti in July 2022, including checking the timings of cylinders opening, and replacing parts that needed replacing including the belts. Racor fuel filter separators make sure the fuel is clean.

As is typical of Bluewater cruisers who rely on there engines as a matter of survival, the engines on Living Daylights are maintained religiously and intelligently run.

The owners write: "We like to be safe, which means keeping our equipment well maintained and running when we need it most. All maintenance records are available. As you go through the spares inventory, you will see that the boat is well spared with those parts we deemed as a "critical spare." For example, we cruise with two, full functional Volvo fixed props as spares, which can be mounted under water. That’s not common. This approach to cruising has allowed us to travel far and wide without being stuck waiting for parts in a remote anchorage or a foreign country, and will allow you to as well."  


- Port engine - Yanmar 4JH5E diesel engine - aprox 4100 hours

- Starboard engine - Yanmar 4JH5E diesel engine - aprox 3700 hours

- 2 x 300 liter fuel tanks

- 2 starter batteries

- 2 - Yanmar SD50 saildrives

- 2 - 3 blade Brunton Varifold propellers

- Peace of mind (spelled as “lots of spares”)


The Leopard 48 is a very stable, fast and comfortable boat to sail. 

As recall the owners: "We have logged 15,000 miles on Living Daylights and felt safe and secure for every one of those miles."

The Leopard 48 has a beautiful and strong rig that drives power through the midship giving a stable and quick ride. With 15 knots on the beam, the boat can easily do 8.5, 9 knots, without stressing either the rig or the boat structure.

Her rigging includes the forestay and two shrouds. 

The mast is supported by a diamond rig that adds to its rigidity.  The cross beam is reinforced with an A frame to properly transfer the force of the forestay.

"In 2019 we installed the Sparcraft bowsprit, together with its compression post. In July 2022 a full rigging inspection was done by Fenua Rigging in Tahiti. No issues were found and their official report is available on request."

An added bonus to this Leopard 48 is the strengthened traveller backing plate. The owner explains"With the mainsail up, I had noticed that the traveler was flexing slightly the boat’s roof.  So, in February 2022, I had two steel backing plates made and installed them."

Living Daylights is outfitted with a headsail and main sail. The owners took both sails down for a full inspection in Tahiti in July 2022 prior to their passage to Fiji. Some restitching was done where the sails needed reinforcement but no major issues were spotted.

The mainsail and headsail are both reefed from the comfort of the helm with the main sail having two reef points. 

The Sunbrella mainsail lazybag has been widened in Guadaloupe in 2020, so as to make zipping the main up much easier.   

All running rigging is run to the helm station where there are three Lewmar Ocean 55 winches, two electric and one manual, which make life a breeze. 

Eleven (11!) Lewmar jammers at the helm station help managing all sails. 

Included in the sale of Living Daylights is her Code 0 and asymmetrical spinnaker (with Facnor 4500 top down furler) and running rigging that accompanies the sails. 

After much research the owners had the sails custom-made in Italy by Saildesign, the best sailmaker in the country.

The Code 0 is 125 square meters big, made in 3.5 oz Bainbridge, white, with an UV band. It’s a strong, performing and super easy sail which can be used for angles from 60 to 180 degrees. Its UV band allows you to keep the Code 0 up, without worrying about the sun affecting it if you don’t feel like lowering the sail for a few days. This is a trend that has been widely adopted by Bluewater cruisers of late, and which allows it to be deployed at a moment's notice and also saves a lot of room in storage below. You’ll love it!

The asymmetrical Spinnaker is 185 square meters, 0.9 oz, and is an excellent sail for running downwind in a large range of winds. Its color is full black, with a small red band two thirds up, to represent the heart.

The owners write: "Sailing on Living Daylights has been a dream for us. As sailing newbies we were worried about the sails handling but this Leopard 48 has provided us with the security and speed we needed to accomplish our sailing goals. She'll provide the same for you."


- Sail from helm station including reefing 

- two 2 speed electric self tailing Lewmar Ocean 55 winch 

- one 2 speed electric self tailing Lewmar Ocean 55 winch 

- Quantum mainsail - full battened, some restitching done in 2022

- Quantum Headsail, restitched in 2022, new UV band in 2020

- Quantum Lazybag, widened in 2020 

- Sparcraft bowsprit, new 2019

- Sparcraft compression post

- Facnor 4500 Top down furler, 2019, set up on bowsprit 

- Code 0, 125 sq mt, new 2019, 3.5oz Bainbridge with UV band

- Asymmetrical spinnaker (Gennaker), 185 sq mt, new 2019, 0.9 oz


Freshwater on Living Daylights is never in short supply.  She is outfitted with a pressurized freshwater system that includes a Jabsco 3.5 gpm pump, Jabsco accumulator tank, watermaker, storage tanks, two water heaters and plenty of taps to use it. 

She has two 300-liter tanks that can be filled from at 100 liter per hour SeaRecovery AquaWhisper 750 watermaker plus another 180-liter extra tank.  The watermaker has been one of our favorite items on board as it keeps us living clean and salt free. It can make water fast enough to do any water related job on the boat without much thought.  From laundry, showers or washing the deck, it's all worry free with the high quality and volume production of the watermaker.

Living Daylights has both room temperature and a hot water system.  While at the dock you might use the electric water heater or at sea, the port engine will heat the water heater and provide you with a great hot shower.  


- SeaRecovery AquaWhisper 750, 100 liter per hour watermaker, powered by 230v 

- 24-liter electric/engine water heaters, one per each hull

- Jabsco 3.5 gpm/40psi pump (new 2022)

- Jabsco Accumulator tank (new 2022)

- Hot water at the outdoor shower, both bathroom sinks, both showers and main galley sink

- 2x 300liter water tanks plus a 180liter extra tank (780 liters total)


Modern sailing necessitates great electronics, communication and navigation. 

The owners write: "In complete honesty, we wouldn’t have been able to just buy a boat and go as a family without modern electronics."

The electrical system is the backbone of all of these systems. Redundancy and sustainability are key: Living Daylights makes power primarily from its rigid solar panels, its Silentwind wind generator, a 9kw Northern Lights generator and alternators on each engine.  The combination of these make daily living and sailing a dream. 

920 Amp hours of power is stored in 4 AGM Exide batteries, which were installed in 2018. These batteries provide all the house power necessary for all systems onboard.

Charging of the house and engine batteries can also be accomplished with shore power and the Magnum 2.7kv charger/inverter.

This Leopard 48 is able to be plugged in and charged with 230v systems. Additionally, Living Daylights has lots of different shore power adapters so you'll never worry when you pull into a new marina.

There are outlets in each cabin and a few around the galley, saloon and chart table for easy access. We pay particular attention and do regular checks on electrical wiring.

Navigation and communication are made easy with Living Daylights Raymarine integrated system. 

First and foremost, as they say, the two Raymarine autopilots are the extra crewman who never sleeps, eats or drinks.  It's a joy letting the boat steer itself while you focus on navigation or trimming the sails.  The autopilot is integrated into the Raymarine electronics system that includes chartplotter, anemometer, depth, radar, position, AIS and speed. 

All of these instruments work together and are conveniently displayed at the helm station making it easy for you to make well informed decisions. 

Spotting other boats is easy with AIS, radar and a high helm position. All these systems are also connected to the boat's Wifi - streaming all data to all devices connected.

The VHF is conveniently located at the chart table next to an additional chart plotter. 

The owners write: "We have enjoyed sailing Living Daylights and have found that the electronics onboard are more than enough for coast and ocean cruising. Surprisingly, our favorite way to navigate is actually using all the data being fed in from the instruments, Navionics on our phone and the autopilot safely providing the steering. Living Daylights is professionally outfitted, has served us well and will continue her service into the future."


- Raymarine E125w chart plotter (helm)

- Raymarine EV 400 autopilot, new in 2020

- Raymarine rotary autopilot

- Raymarine wind direction and speed

- Raymarine Sonar fishfinder and depth sounder, with bottom 3D imaging

- Raymarine radar

- Raymarine VHF

- NMEA2000 converter

- Onboard computer for controlling batteries and navigation

- Shore power electrical system for 230v

- 120 Amp shore battery charger 

- 2700 W Magnum, charger and inverter 

- 1120 W solar panels in total, all rigid, installed in 2019 and 2020.


"We never worry while at anchor due to the reliable 33 kg Rocna anchor along with 92-meter 10mm anchor chain.  To lower and raise the anchor we have a 1500W Quick windlass with wired remote and a wired in Quick chaincounter with its spare."

The E3 Sonar/Fishfinder at the helm provides stunning 3D rendering of the bottom, a great aid when anchoring among corals. The large anchor locker allows the chain to stow away easily. 


- 33kg Rocna anchor 

- 92m of 10mm anchor chain (new 2020)

- Quick 1500W electric windlass

- 25kg Delta spare anchor

- 20mm nylon anchor bridle new in 2020


Having a capable tender is key for exploring the areas surrounding where Living Daylights is anchored.  As they say, the boat is your home, the dinghy is your car. 

"We are avid adventurers and the big 360cm AB with the oversize 40hp outboard makes all our small adventures off Living Daylights possible. It is the perfect size for having guests and friends join in on our exploration adventures or take us offshore; the center console adds comfort in steering it."

The dinghy very easily raises and lowers on a designated Warn XT15 12v electric winch motor on the cockpit roof with dyneema lines replaced a few weeks ago; the strong steel davits make launching and putting the dinghy away only a few moments. 

To further secure it during long passages, Living Daylights has two cleats on the back of the boat where it can be further tethered with spring lines, keeping the dinghy in place and steady even in big swell conditions.

- 2013 360cm AB Inflatables Lammina dinghy - Centre console

- 2014 40hp Yamaha 4-stroke outboard

- Warn XT15 12v dedicated electric winch

- Grappling hook dinghy anchor


Safety is key while at sea. Cruising with kids, this is not a topic the owners take lightly.

They write: "We have always kept the safety equipment in the best possible condition. As luck (and constant vigilance) would have it, we've never been in a situation where we have needed to use these items and they are ready to be passed onto you in great condition. During the last service, we have been told the life raft is of top quality and in perfect condition."

- 2013 Viking 8 person life raft - Offshore (recertified in Spain late 2019)

- EPIRB Certified 2019

- Raymarine 650 integrated AIS with Silent Switch

- Horseshoe man overboard throwable

- Plastimo Rescue sling new 2019

- Plastimo Inflatable Danbuoy new 2019

- Port and starboard automatic bilge pumps

- Port and starboard manual bilge pumps

- Engine rooms automatic bilge pumps

- 2000 gallons per minutes electrical portable bilge pump

- 230 v 6000 liters per hour portable pump with integrated hoses

- 5 Plastimo life jackets new 2019; all of them with its own automatic OceanSignal MOB AIS transponder, new 2019 as well

- Fire blankets

- Fire extinguisher in cockpit, galley, all 4 cabins, front cockpit seat

- Fog horn

- Flares and smoke signals


Included extras:

-       2 Spare Volvo Fixed Props

-       Stand-Up Paddle Thurso

-       Surfing board

-       Magma steel adjustable holders for SUP and surfing boards

-       Power washer

-       Washing machine Electrolux 7kg

-       Magma bbq grill with railmount

-       Nespresso coffeemaker

-       Toaster

-       Breadmaker

-       HP Printer with extra cartdriges

-       Docklines

-       Plenty of fenders

-       All cutlery and kitchen equipment 

-       Vacuum cleaner 


The owners, like many serious offshore cruisers, have spent years building up the spares kit for Living Daylights.

"We have analysed all critical systems onboard, researched online, spoke to mechanics, current and former owners to gauge what we should bring as spares as we headed into among the most remote places on earth. It would be frankly daunting to list them all here as it would take pages and pages and we would still miss some. Instead, we’ll make a deal: the fortunate buyer will get extensive one to one sessions on all critical systems onboard, how they work and perform, including which and where the appropriate spares are located.

As buyers, we were in your shoes just a few years back, and that’s how we would have liked it; it’s only fair to treat you in the same way".



Disclaimer: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.